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About me

I’m Josh, a Games Programmer currently working at Bulkhead Interactive, on PROMOD. With 11 years of passionate Steam usage behind me, I’m itching to carve out my niche in Gameplay Programming and find out what I can really accomplish!

Technical Skills

A Recent Project

Big Bad Bunnies From Another Dimension

Developed over the course of 12 weeks for a final year Team Project module.

I created the backbone systems of the game, including the rounds, spawning & progression system, a parameter based weapons system, and tools to allow for new gameplay effects [“Chaos Cards”] to be quickly prototyped and implemented.

BBBFAD won 1st place in Game Design and Game Art + Animation, 3rd place in Best Team at the Games Republic Student Showcase 2021, and reached the finalist round of The Rookies 2021. It was the best received game across the module.